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Specific Business Interest

To launch the famous Indian Tampcol Laboob Sagheer, already projected by the media. TAMPCOL Herbal Hair Tonic is already sold in many markets.

Company Profile:

TAMPCOL established in 1983 manufactures and markets in Flagship Product TAMPCOL Herbal Hair Tonic besides 65 Siddha, 17 Ayurveda and 8 Unani medicines. TAMPCOL Herbal Hair Tonic is now a household name in Tamil Nadu. TAMPCOL is one among 48 public sector undertaking (PSUs) owned by the Government of Tamil Nadu and one of the 4 continuously Dividend declaring PSUs. It is the only one to declare a 100% dividend for the last two years. TAMPCOL's turnover today is Rs 1300 lakhs.

TAMPCOL launched on 06.04.2009, a herbal Rejuvenator called Laboob e Sagheer. TAMPCOL Laboob Sagheer increases libido in adults, treats impotency & permature ejaculation. TAMPCOL Laboob Sagheer is a herbal substitute for the costly chemicals which are exorbitantly priced.

The herbal TAMPCOL drug, which has been developed using an ancient 'Shastric' Unani formula, has "no side effects" and is priced at Rs 300 for a half kg pack..

"TAMPCOL's Laboob Sagheer" has already been tested on patients and certified by doctors. We are manufacturing and marketing it based on a drug licence issued by the State Government's Director of Drugs Control after its clearance by a technical committee. Two tons are being produced, it would hit the Indian markets in two weeks. Already TAMPCOL received enquiries from Dubai, London and are negotiating orders. The latest position after the successful launch of TAMPCOL is a spate of enquiries from far and wide including from countries like Spain, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Dubai, Abu Dhabi (UAE), Doha (Qatar) and the United Kingdom (London).

Besides TAMPCOL is flooded with enquiries from almost all parts of India. TAMPCOL is poised for the launch of TAMPCOL Herbal Health Water, soon.

For business enquiries you may contact: Thiru G Ramanathan, Marketing Manager, Mobile: 9941019593, Email:


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