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Consequent to the amendment of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, all the Indian systems of medicines need to comply with the GMP standard. Tampcol have already obtained the GMP certification and in order to comply with the above standards, a modern and hygienic factory is a must.

Moreover, in order to meet the increasing product demand, a modern and hygienic factory will increase the productivity and efficiency. Hence keeping this in mind the corporation has envisaged on its expansion activity. Moreover, the Corporation’s production range was increased recently from its existing 70 to 95 for meeting the commitment under the RCH scheme. Hence the proposed expansion with increased workspace as required under the aforesaid Act is a must in produce quality and hygienic medicines at reasonable cost.

The proposed expansion envisages the shifting of entire operations at Arumbakkam to Alathur and thereby increases in economies of large-scale production and to have better control in the operations.
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